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If you are wealthy, you know how complicated your personal affairs can become.  Too many people want to make money off of your money, selling you investments (and services) you may not need and hardly understand.  You spend far more time than you want trying to decipher this code and figuring out what to do and whom to trust.  In contrast, your goals seem relatively straightforward—though perhaps not always easy to achieve.  You’d like to grow and use your wealth reasonably and prudently so you can live comfortably and share the benefits of your good fortune with your family, community, and the broader world.  You may want your investments to impact the world positively, or your philanthropy to improve it.

resolve financial complexity

Although you want to make key decisions, you know you would benefit from an advocate to help you source and evaluate the myriad ideas, strategies, investments and products available to you.  Even better, you’d like an advisor to help you negotiate, implement, evaluate and report on your progress, freeing up untold hours to focus on things you find more meaningful or simply more enjoyable.  You appreciate that your advisor needs to be fairly compensated (reflecting their unique skills and experience), but you want full transparency of fees and a compensation structure that aligns your respective interests.

and enjoy life more fully.

You want an advisor like Filament. Freed from ubiquitous industry conflicts of interest and working for you on a transparent and fully aligned basis, Filament’s skilled team of advisors deals with and resolves financial complexity so you can enjoy life more fully and with greater confidence in what lies ahead. If this is your idea of how an advisory relationship should work, we hope you will come talk to us.