You deserve a trusted advisor

We know trust is more than a matter of personal character or discipline. And, while earned over time, its seeds can be obvious from the earliest interactions. We designed Filament to be worthy of your trust. Each aspect of our business has been rigorously designed to align our interests with the interests of our clients so we can forge mutually beneficial long-lasting relationships. 

We check all the boxes


We are your fiduciary.

As a registered investment advisor, we must act in your best interests, as a fiduciary would. Our duties are ongoing and apply to our entire relationship with you as a client.  But even among fiduciary advisors, business practices vary widely with many advisors charging advisory fees while also making money from their product recommendations.  These practices, which we avoid, can lead to conflicts of interest that must be disclosed, but which can be difficult to understand and evaluate.


We are fully independent.

We don't have affiliations or financial relationships with brokerages, custodians, investment managers, insurance companies or any other professionals we may recommend to you. Because we are wholly independent, we are free to search for the best and most competitive offerings, rather than making you choose from an expensive list of less robust proprietary solutions. We make others compete for your business so that you get the right products and services at a fair price.


We are a "fee-only" advisor.

Our only compensation is the transparent fee you pay us. You can act with confidence knowing we don't have a financial stake in the decisions you make, or don't make.  Our goal is to provide you critical decision-making information so you can choose what is best for you.


We are employee owned.

Being privately owned by employees aligns employee behavior with Filament’s desire to forge long‐lasting and deep relationships with clients and their families. Clients are served by advisory teams, and the resources of the entire firm are available as needed to deliver world class advice and service.


We are credentialed professionals.

Our team consists of industry experts, trusted advisors from the worlds of investment management and consulting, tax planning and compliance, estate planning, philanthropy and financial planning. We work together, with you, and with your other advisors, to educate you about your wealth management choices and to help you make good financial decisions.


We use third party

Although we are your trusted advisor, we don’t have possession of any of your investment assets (this is referred to as “custody”). Instead, your assets are held by high quality, third‐party custodians providing you important, and independent, transparency into your accounts and holdings. In addition to the comprehensive reporting we provide you, these custodians provide regular account statements and, typically, on‐line access to your financial accounts.

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