To understand what we mean by wealth management, you’d probably have to ask our long‐time clients.

They would talk about management of all the details, the day-to-day help and advice, the development and ongoing refinement of the “plan”, and its steady and sure implementation across investments, estate transfers, and philanthropy.

More deeply, and personally, they would note that we’ve been there at many of life’s key moments providing needed counsel (whether of a financial, investment, or personal nature). We aren’t family—but that doesn’t stop our clients from thinking of us that way.

Illuminating Wealth Management

We search broadly for the best and most cost-effective solutions to the financial challenges faced by wealthy families. When the path ahead is uncertain, our independence provides the light needed to act decisively and with confidence.

Investment management & reporting

Cash management

Financial record keeping

Family legacy planning & coordination with attorneys

Philanthropy planning & implementation

Social impact investing

Tax strategy & coordination with CPA

Financial modeling & goal setting

Asset purchases & leases

Business succession advising

Education funding

Retirement funding & planning


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