Experts doing what’s best for you

Our advice is rooted in years of hands-on, practical experience tackling practically every issue that confronts wealthy families. What distinguishes our advice as ‘smart’ though is that it is grounded in what is best for you. Our job is to resolve financial complexity objectively, so you can make smart choices and act with greater confidence in what lies ahead.

Filament smart is...

Truthful, not overly complicated.

We keep things honest and as simple as possible.

Not psychic.

Smart advice recognizes the limits of what we know or can predict, and acknowledges our human tendencies to be wrong about these things. We don’t guess about the future as if we had a crystal ball.

Suited to you.

Smart advice helps you achieve your goals. It doesn’t sacrifice the long term for the short term. Smart has a plan B. We help you develop a plan and stay focused on long term results. What is smart for you may not be for another person, so we listen to what you want and need.

Calculated, disciplined.

Smart investments and investment strategies involve calculated risk‐taking and discipline, not wild speculation or constant vacillation. So we help you prudently diversify your risk exposures.

Cost effective. Tax sensitive. Measurable.

We use our scale and expertise to reduce investment costs and taxes so that you get to keep more of the investment return. We track, monitor and regularly report to you on your progress.

Expertise working on your behalf.

Smart requires significant technical expertise and real life experience. It’s a team, working together to share knowledge and insights and to resolve questions that often fall in the cracks between various areas of expertise. We hire only the best, most skilled advisors who work together to serve you.

Constantly improving.

Smart is a process rooted in best practices and always open to improvement. We follow rigorous regimens in everything we do and we’re always looking for better ways to serve our clients.