For all of their many differences, Filament clients are remarkably similar in some regards.

Value Expertise

Our clients know their financial lives are complex and are willing to seek out smart, critical-thinking advisors who can help them manage that complexity. They value the improved understanding we bring to their financial affairs and they find themselves participating more effectively than ever in managing their wealth.


Think Seriously

For Filament clients, staying wealthy isn’t an end unto itself; it’s a means to an end. They live well, to be sure, but in a carefully considered manner consistent with their resources and their personal values.


Sleep Soundly

When it comes to investments, Filament clients maintain a long-term focus and (with our guidance) refrain from chasing the next hot investment, investment manager or tax gimmick. Our clients aim to secure their wealth from catastrophic loss that could significantly impact their financial choices or lifestyle. Our advice and counsel helps them sleep at night.


Make a Difference

Well-connected and respected in their personal and professional circles, our clients are opinion leaders, community-minded philanthropists and entrepreneurs. They aim to use their money for the betterment of their families, communities and the broader world.